Volvo to supply Chinese ride hailing giant Didi with autonomous driving cars

As the autonomous driving race in China heats up, Didi is rushing to expand its car fleets by picking Swedish automaker Volvo, an old partner of Uber , as its ally. Didi said on Monday it will be using the XC90 SUVs of Volvo, which has been owned by Chinese auto company Geely since 2010, for its network of robotaxis in the long term. Didi created a subsidiary dedicated to autonomous driving last year and the unit has since raised about $800 million from investors including SoftBank Vision Fund and IDG Capital. The subsidiary now has over 500 employees. Didi started out as a ride-share app in 2012 and gobbled up Uber China in 2016 . It now offers a range of mobility services including taxi hailing, ride-hailing, carpooling, shared bikes and scooters, as well as financial services for drivers. The company is seeking a valution north of $100 billion in an initial public offering, Reuters reported last month . Didi’s autonomous driving arm has been testing robotaxis for the past two

Andela begins global expansion in 37 countries months after going remote across Africa

More than a year after the pandemic began, remote work shows no signs of going away. While it has its cons, it remains top of mind for potential employees around the world before joining a new company . But while most people in Africa still go to physical offices despite the pandemic, a few companies have nevertheless embraced this concept . Andela , a New York-based startup that helps tech companies build remote engineering teams from Africa , was one of the first to publicly announce it was going remote on the continent . Today, it is doubling down on this effort by announcing the global expansion of its engineering talent . Over the past six months, the company has seen a 750% increase in applicants outside Africa. More than 30% of Andela’s inbound engineer applications also came from outside the continent in March alone. Half this number came from Latin America while Africa saw a 500% increase in applications as well. Andela, which builds engineering teams tapping African

Dog the Bounty Hunter Says Daunte Wright Would Be Alive with Non-Lethal Ammo

Dog the Bounty Hunter says Daunte Wright would still be alive today if police departments around the country heeded his call for law enforcement to switch from lead bullets to non-lethal ammo. Dog tells TMZ ... he's apprehended tons of criminals… source

'Lucifer' Star Tom Ellis Gets Creepy Package in Mail, Cops Investigating

"Lucifer" star Tom Ellis and his screenwriter wife, Meaghan Oppenheimer, got a devil of a scare in the mail ... cops are investigating a strange package sent to the couple. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... someone sent a glitter package last… source

Jeremy Piven Goes To Bat For Julian Edelman, He's A 1st Ballot Hall Of Famer!

"He's got 3 Super Bowl rings. He has 36 touchdowns. He's 5-foot-9. He's Jewish!" Jeremy Piven says all of that -- and more -- are the reasons he's certain Julian Edelman is a Hall of Famer ... telling TMZ Sports the Patriots legend should be in… source

Lil Yachty Says Georgia Boycotts Won't Change Voting Laws

Lil Yachty doesn't think boycotts in Georgia will help change new, oppressive voting laws in his home state ... but he's got advice for people worried about getting to the polls. We got the Atlanta rapper leaving dinner at Delilah in WeHo and asked… source

13 Eye Makeup Products From Indian Brands To Create Easy And Trendy Looks

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