Meghan King's Surprising Take On Ex Jim Edmonds Possibly Getting Engaged To Their Threesome Partner

Meghan King‘s ex Jim Edmonds has not always been the most civil to her since their 2019 split.

The Real Housewives of Orange County alumni have fought quite publicly over parenting matters, custody arrangements, you name it. It has not been what you might call an amicable divorce.

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That’s why we were surprised at Meghan’s take on Jim’s current relationship with his new girlfriend.

We say “new” but if you follow Jim, you know he’s been seeing Kortnie O’Connor basically ever since filing for divorce — and maybe a bit beforehand. She was the friend with whom the couple had a threesome when they were newlyweds. The way Meghan tells it, there was “always something weird between” the two after that.

Amid the breakup Jim denied there had been any affair or that he’d even seen Kortnie in years. But eventually they went public with their relationship, which seems to still be going strong after over a year. Every so often Jim will gush over Kortnie on his Instagram, making sure to trash Meghan in the process.

Like this one, where he praises Kort… while admitting he lied about hooking up with her and bashing his “loveless and abusive relationship” with Meghan.

In fact they’ve been together so long folks are starting to speculate about them taking the next step. How does Meghan feel about her baby daddy marrying the woman they slept with that one time??

“I would feel that stability for my children is what I care about the most. So any kind of long-term committed relationship that Jim is in, I fully, fully support because that’s absolutely the best for my children.”

Wow. Not at all what we expected. We can’t say we’d be able to get past the fact it was our friend that we’d invited to guest star in the relationship… But we guess when it comes to kids, stability does trump spite.

Besides, says Meghan, she’s been in Kortnie’s shoes:

“I was a stepmom and I’ve always been the school of thought that the more people to love children the better. And I don’t think that there’s a limited capacity for children to be able to be loved. It’s not like they could only be loved by mommy and daddy. I don’t think that takes away my love for them if they’re going to love somebody else. So I think it’s great.”

Did YOU expect Meghan to be so chill after all this time??

[Image via Meghan King/Jim Edmonds/Instagram.]

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