Kate Middleton Is Self-Isolating At Home After Coming Into Contact With COVID-Positive Person

Kate Middleton is in self-isolation and practicing good personal hygiene and social distancing policies right now after coming into contact with someone who apparently tested positive for COVID.

The royal apparently “interacted with someone last week” who had tested positive for the virus, according to a new report out on Monday morning at TMZ and elsewhere.

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According to British public health policies, people who come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID should voluntarily self-isolate for at least 10 full days after contact.

Fortunately, Kate’s health has not yet been affected by the virus — and hopefully it won’t at all! A rep for Kensington Palace spoke to the media about the COVID isolation ordeal, revealing (below):

“Her Royal Highness is not experiencing any symptoms, but is following all relevant government guidelines and is self-isolating at home.”

Nice! Love to hear that she’s not experiencing any symptoms, of course. Let’s seriously hope that continues!

At this point, it’s not entirely clear — or at least, it hasn’t been made publicly available — exactly where she came into contact with the COVID-positive person. TMZ reports the contact tracing is “tricky,” because Kate was at Wimbledon on Friday, and throughout that day interacted with staffers and visitors at both the All England Club kitchens and the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum.

At the very end of June, Kate also attended the England Euro 2020 match at London’s Wembley Stadium alongside her husband, Prince William, and her lovely young son, Prince George.

Fortunately, Kate was vaccinated back in May, so it’s statistically unlikely that she’ll face severe COVID symptoms at all in this situation. Still, it’s important to be careful and continue to self-isolate so that she doesn’t pass the virus onto other unsuspecting people who may have worse reactions to it, or pass it to others who are more vulnerable for whatever reason.

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Prince William and Prince Charles both contracted COVID last year, too, so the family certainly isn’t immune from the pandemic. Fortunately, Kate seems to be setting a very good example here by doing the right thing and remaining socially distanced while giving the virus a chance to run its course so she’s no longer in danger of spreading it further.

Just goes to show that COVID is still very much a risk, and the pandemic is still very much an important thing — even for those who are already vaccinated.

Be careful and remain vigilant, everyone! And get well soon, Kate!!

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