Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone's Chemistry Is REAL -- Their Iconic Crazy Stupid Love Scene Was All Improvised!

Nobody nails onscreen chemistry like Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

The dynamic duo have appeared together in three films so far, creating swoon-worthy romances each time. Their creative collaboration may have peaked with La La Land (which won Emma an Oscar), but it all started with the rom com Crazy Stupid Love, in which a serial playboy accidentally falls for his friend’s (Steve Carrell) daughter.

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The cult classic celebrated its 10th anniversary this week, an event marked on Twitter by the film’s writer Dan Fogelman. (Fogelman would go on to create the twisty, heartstring-tugging juggernaut TV series This Is Us). He wrote:

“Ten years. Damn.

My favorite scene is Gosling and Emma falling in love in bed. All improvised.”

WOW. So basically, getting the audience to believe in that relationship hinged on the actors’ IRL banter and genuine chemistry!

Funny enough, the screenwriter couldn’t even see the magic he was witnessing. He admitted:

“I thought everyone had lost their minds and that none of it would be in the movie — I left set early, irritated. I’m a dope.”

Man, we would have kept that to ourselves! LOLz!


Looking back on that scene (below), you can tell that they get a real kick out of each other, giggling through the apparently improvised list of things the Canadian native’s character bought on the Home Shopping Network:

Back in 2019, co-directors Glenn Ficarra and John Recqua chatted with Entertainment Weekly about some behind-the-scenes secrets of the movie. Regarding the bedroom banter scene, Ficarra noted that their love story was supposed to “unfold via montage,” but:

“We already had a lot of montages, so we said, ‘If they can fall in love in a night, that would be helpful.'”

Observing that the Easy A star had already developed a comfortable repartee with Ryan, they encouraged the pair’s improvisations. Ficarra explained how the scene was shot over the course of six hours:

“We were like, ‘Do that weird stuff you’ve been driving everybody crazy with.’ It feels real because it is real. It’s what they were doing when they were just hanging out goofing around. … The crew was ready to revolt; it was like three in the morning.”

LOLz! Well, it definitely paid off!

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As it turns out, another iconic moment from the movie originated in real life. According to Recqua, Eva Mendes‘ future baby daddy had revealed to the directors that “he had done the Dirty Dancing lift in real life to a girl.” The director recalled:

“Me and Glenn turned to each other and said, ‘Ok, that’s going in the movie!’ He’s like, ‘No you can’t put that in the movie.’ We put it in, much to his chagrin.”

So even THAT big moment is all the actors?? Wow, they deserve way more credit for the success of that movie than we realized!

We’re going to have to go back and rewatch all those scenes while we patiently wait for them to team up for another movie!

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